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General FAQ
- How to make a booking
- About making a booking

Country Trax off-road academy
- General
- Accommodation & Meals
- Course fee & payment details
- Venues, getting there & starting times
- Course content & requirements to attend

BMW Bike Fest FAQ
- BMW Bike Fest 2011

Kwanokeng Off-Road FAQ
- Kwanokeng Off-road Adventures



Our new booking functionality is pretty simple to use but we have put together step by step instructions with screenshots to help you along as we know you like to spend more time in the great outdoors than on the internet.

Click here to view the step by step instructions


Q: I don't have access to the internet. How can I book for one of your courses, trips or events?
A: You are welcome to call us and we will make a booking for you!

Q: How do I know if you have received my online booking, and when I make payment, that my booking will be confirmed?
A: In all instances (booking, confirmations and cancellations) you will be sent an email message to inform you of the change in the status of your booking. Please note that we can only confirm your booking once you send us the proof of payment by email of fax - we don't have access to all the bank accounts!

Q: Can I pay in installments?
A: Yes you are welcome! Your first payment will secure your spot and full payment will confirm your booking. Final payment must be received at least 7 days before commencement of the event, or make arrangements with us if otherwise.

Q: How do I cancel a booking?
A: You are not able to do it yourself. Kindly inform us in writing (email or fax) that you would like to cancel and we will gladly do it for you.

Q: How do I change a booking?
A: Contact us to cancel the previous booking and we will make a new booking for a suitable date. A fee might apply according to the terms & conditions and the venue's cancellation policy. The more in advance you make a change, the less chance of incurring a fee.

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Q: Why do you say Country Trax uses 'qualified' instructors for all their training?
A: The extremely talented rider and instructor, Jan du Toit, is one of those natural bikers. He attended BMW Motorrad's training as rider as well as instructor at Hechlingen, Germany several times since 1999. All Country Trax instructors undergo an annual training camp and may not teach if they don't pass the gruelling test. If you attend one of the Country Trax courses, you can be assured of world class training and certainly the best you can find in South Africa.

Q: What language are used for the tuition?
A: Instructors are bilingual. If a group of students consists of Afrikaans and English students, the course will be presented in English. You are however welcome to address them or discuss anything with them in the language of your choice. A few of our instructors can even speak Zulu and Sotho!

Q: Can I correspond with you in Afrikaans?
A: Of course! Ons praat die taal.

Q: I'm really concerned that I'll damage my bike - its a big investment and my baby. What is the chance that I will damage it?
A: Training programmes has been refined and adapted over the past 10 years of the academy's existence to ensure that there are a minimum if any, damage to bikes. Your ability to incur minimum damage to your bike in the Advanced course is one of the guidelines for successful completion of the course. Vunerable parts of your bike (e.g. the screen, indicators etc) are removed prior to commencement of the Weekend and Sand riding course. In the case of a side stand incident, it reduces the risk of damage.

Q: What happens if rain is forecasted during the course I booked for?
A: Training continues, so bring your rain jacket &/or suit. You get extra value for your money as you'll learn to ride in wet conditions!

Q: I heard these courses are pretty intensive physically. What should my level of fitness be and what about water?
A: A reasonable level of fitness is important. The fitter you are, the easier the training! Drinking water is supplied at all courses. We do however strongly recommend that you have a camel back of a water bladder of some kind so you do not run the risk of dehydration, specially on hot days.

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Q: What kind of accommodation & meals are included in the course fee for the multi day courses?
A: The fee for the specific course varies according to the quality of accommodation while the training part of the fee is similar if you compare the various venues. Meals are always excellent as we realise that a rider who is working hard on the bike needs energy. A healthy and well balanced meal is vital in this regard.
Accommodation varies from very comfortable lodge accommodation (Country Trax Amersfoort, Klipbokkop, Mountain Pastures and Imbabala to camping (Amersfoort & Eselfontein).
The course offered in Windhoek has no accommodation included and own arrangements applies. However, meals during the day are supplied.

Q: I'm vegetarian. Can you cater for me?
A: Of course. Let us know what your preferences are and we will do our best to accommodate you. Some venues has an extra charge for vegetarian, vegan and halaal meals.

Q: Can I bring along a pillion rider (passenger) if I ride a dual sport bike?
A: Yes you can! All our training is suitable for pillion riders. A fee applies, but pillions pay a discounted rider fee, and we pressume they are sharing a room with the rider which makes it a even better deal!
For the more difficult exercises, the pillion can dismount while the rider learns the new technique, and can then join again after the rider is more comfortable.
When you often ride with your pillion, its important the pillion rider understand why you do what at what point so they can help you overcoming an obstacle successfully - working together with you! Teamwork is important.

Q: Can I bring along non-riding companions like my girl/boyfriend, wife/husband and kids?
A: Of course you can! Especially for the multiday courses, its great fun. All the multi day events are specially hosted at exceptional venues which will be treat to the family. Everyone has meals together and they are welcome to watch training or enjoy the venue. Due to the high level of action, childen are only allowed if under full time supervision of an adult.

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Q: Does the fee include the use of a bike?
A: Unfortunately not. You need to bring your own bike or rent one. None of the Country Trax academies rents out bikes. Any bike rental opportunities that we are aware of are listed on the Motorcycle Rentals page.

Q: Can I pay the fee for Country Trax Amersfoort into the account where I paid the fee for Country Trax Grand Central?
A: Unfortunately not. Although the training is of the same high standard, all Country Trax academies in South Africa are managed and operated by a different team with different bank accounts.

Q: Do I get a discount if I return for more training?
A: Certainly! If you attend the same course at the same venue within 12 months of the previous round, you qualify for a lekker discount. Contact Celia for the details.

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Q: The Introduction course starts at 8:00. When can I arrive?
A: You are welcome to arrive from 7:30 and have a coffee and meet the instructors and fellow students.

Q: The starting time for the courses offered over a weekend is generally 9:00 on Friday (Eselfontein and Windhoek is the exception). When can I arrive at the venue?
A: Most of the venues has a stayover option on the Thursday evening which included dinner, bed & breakfast so that you can be fresh and ready for the commencement of training at 9:00 sharp. This is specially handy if you don't live within easy reach of the venue. Take into account that sunrise is later in winter, making travelling in the dark slower and more difficult if you have to travel a longer distance.
The course at Eselfontein commences at 12:00 on the Friday but ends later on the Sunday.

Q: Can I transport my dual sport bike to the venue on trailer?
A: Yes you can, or you can ride it there.

Q: Do I need extra petrol for the weekend courses?
A: Generally you will have enough fuel if you fill up your bike 100% at the closest garage to the venue. However, additional petrol are available if you run out.
For dirt & enduro bikes, please bring extra petrol along. 20 liter should be sufficient in addition to your full tank.

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Q: I'm scared of attending this training. What can I expect?
A: The truly talented and patient instructors will take you under their wing and guide you through the course in a well structured and thought through plan. It may happen that you aren't 100% comfortable with some exercises at the end of the course. Don't despair, we aren't all naturals! Go home and exercise and work on it, you'll eventually succeed and be able to go to the next step with ease. Some students (specially if you started riding at a later stage in life) find it useful to attend the same course again after a few weeks or months as a refresher to work on the techniques that are more difficult to accomplish.

Q: Are the quality of training the same at other venues as at the mothership Country Trax Amersfoort?
A: Definately! We work hard to make sure that all training courses are of the highest quality and that the venues meet our high standards. All instructors are qualified and undergo intensive training under the personal watchful eye of Jan du Toit and his senior instructors.

Q: Can I attend the Country Trax Weekend Off-road course without previously attending the Introduction to Off-road riding course?
A: Yes, you can if you are a very experienced motorcycle rider with some off-road experience. For newer riders, the Intro course is highly recommended as it teaches you the basic techniques of off-road riding. Once you are well acquanted with these principles, you get much more value out of the Weekend Off-road course.

Q: I wish to attend the Introduction to Off-road riding followed by the Weekend Off-road course with my Honda CRF230. Am I permitted?
A: Country Trax offers training to all brands of bikes, so everyone is welcome, regardless of  gender, age, political persuasion, size, colour, weight, looks or mood.
The training curriculum was originally designed for the off-road training of dual purpose bikes, but our training is very valuable to off-road riders riding enduro or dirt bikes. In fact, we recommend dirt & enduro riders attending the Dirt Bike Fundamentals Training weekend to attend the Weekend off-road course first.

Q: What do I wear to the Country Trax training courses?
A: The more protection the better - please ensure you bring adequate protective clothing with you to the course. Riding has its inherent risks and we believe in prevention rather than cure!
You are welcome to wear a textile adventure suit or enduro shirt & pants with the correct protection. Boots are very important as we find that if a student incurs an injury, it usually to the legs, ankles and feet. We highly recommend that you ride with off-road boots and not dual purpose boots.
Students attending the Introduction to Off-road riding course are welcome to wear normal boots with at least sufficient ankle protection at their own risk. Protective clothing are discussed at the course and the instructors can give novice riders very good advice on what to look for in good riding equipment.

Q: Are dual purpose tyres suitable to attend the courses with?
A: For the Introduction to Off-road riding course, dual purpose tyres are perfect.
The Weekend Off-road course involves different and more challenging terrain and you are eased out of your comfort zone and therefore we highly recommend that you have knobbly tyres (or otherwise known as 30/70's with more off-road capabilities) or at least 50/50's (compromise of off-road and on-road capabilities) to help you.
For the Sand riding course and Weekend Off-road course offered at Witsand as well as the Advanced off-road course, its a prerequisite that you have knobbly (30/70) tyres fitted.
Examples of 30/70 tyres are Continental TKC's, Metzeler Karoo and Mitas E09.
If you are going for 50/50 tyres, look at Mitas E07, Heinenau K60 and Pirelli Scorpion MT90.
Tyre pressures are also important for a comfortable ride and lifespan of your tyres and are discussed at the training. Please note that most 30/70's have a maximum speed rating of 160 km/h, so we recommend that you don't exceed this speed to prolong the life of your tyres.

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Q: What if a friend who rides a different brand of motorcycle would like to join me?
A: Although this is a BMW-focused event – if they are accompanied by a BMW rider, they are welcome, please bring them with.

Q: What does the Event fee of R 700 buy me?
A: The fee is structured to cover the cost of, and provide:
• organising the event which includes the bookings, area & site visits, liasing with local authorities, promoting the event, etc.
• an event pack with program, information of the region, gifts, etc.
• High quality Slazenger Golf Shirt with event logo's.
• assistance to book your accommodation
• medical standby & back up
• on-site technical support
• a bus serivice to and from your accommodation for the dinners at Kleinplaas (Oudtshoorn only)
• Saturday and Sunday dinner tickets
• use of Kleinplaas facility
• entertainment during the dinners
• bar facilities
• marque tent (additional cost this year due to weather risks)
• extra lighting and 3 phase connection cost to main supplies from street
• sound system
• tables, chairs, glasses, cutlery, etc. including the washing of dishes
• serving staff
• extra toilet facilities

Q: What will be different from BMW Bikefest 2010?
A: Participants will pay one inclusive fee to attend the 2011 event, as explained above. 2010 saw too many options when registering, which caused confusion.
Both dinners will be hosted at one venue (Kleinplaas), with a simpler ticket system. Dinners for the BMW Bike Fest 2010 took place at 2 venues, with a ticket system that worked fairly well. This caused unnessary costs – with 2 venues that needed to be setup, people to be ferried a fair distance, etc.
Exclusive high quality BMW Bike Fest 2011 Golf shirt will be included in the registration fee due to popular demand.
Even better entertainment (we hope... :-) )
There will be a few other changes – but these are being kept “secret” as there need to be some surprises....

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Q: What does the fee for the trip buy me?
A: Its an all inclusive fee. Included in the fee is accommodation, all meals, drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), level 7 medical back up (because its so remote), mechanical back up, assistance with border crossing,luggage transport and local guides.

Q: Is Botswana safe?
A: Its one of the safest countries in Africa, but be aware that it's one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV.

Q: Is it difficult and tedious to cross the border?
A: Although all borders are a bore, Kwanokeng Lodge makes it easier by getting vehicle permits ahead of time which makes it easier, but you still have to go through all the stamping of paperwork etc.

Q: What if my bike breaks down in Botswana?
A: We take along a trailer to load up any bikes that have problems.

Q: Why the expensive medical backup?
A: The areas that we visit are remote and medical facilities are not so readily available which means we must make our own provision. We take along a medic on a bike as well as an ambulance bakkie in case of emergency. They also treat the odd gogga bite! Now you can relax, ride the adventure and if there's a mishap, you are in good hands!

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