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About Us

Bikebookings & Hambanani and its team provide a simple and convenient one-stop reservation process.

HAMBANANI (isiZulu: go along) provides a simple and conveniently integrated reservation service for the astute adventurer.  From constantly itinerant headquarters –  we have for many, many moons been dishing up expeditions  as charmingly diverse as horse riding, trekking,  hiking and 4x4 trips. We also offer a wide range of biking events,  training courses and other bike centred activities by way of the iconic BIKEBOOKINGS  department. Our Afrikaner heritage of rural hospitality and staunch dependability permit clients to benefit  from a wealth of unusual locations, accommodation options and life experiences, with uncompromising emphasis on excellence and originality.

Our aim is to offer the adventure enthusiast  a basket of activities (events, training, tours, accommodation) on one site so as to make it easy to plan and make decisions.  Add interesting articles, trip reports and news on new  products.  So much to do, so little time!

Bikebookings was established in 2009 and because of a need to expand our services to other activities like horse riding trips, 4x4 & other activities, Hambanani was created early 2011 to incorporate all of the above.
We are proud to announce that the new booking functionality will be more user friendly.  No usernames and passwords to remember.  If you decide to book for an event, simply fill in a few questions and hit the GO (Hamba) button.  All confirmations will be done with email notifications.  If  you have no computer, let us know and we will gladly do a manual booking for you!

We invite everyone to partake in the activities and services that we offer, no matter what bike or car you ride and what the colour of your horse is.  We have a passion for service and we would like to share it with everyone.
Feel welcome to make contributions to our site – anything from ride reports, ideas on what we should publish, your comments  and lekker stories.  Anything that will make it a better site.  Come on, send it to us!


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