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How to: Make your own cheap camping stove!
article A cheap DIY stove in minutes!

When touring, packing as little and as light as possible is one of the most important challenges that riders face. The problem is compounded by the fact that it’s not always easy to strike a balance between light weight and effective equipment.
Written by Jaco Kirsten

When it comes to cooking, there’s a myriad of ways to do it. Many simply opt for a restaurant meal, while others like to braai. Regardless, one often has the need for a nice mug of coffee before going to bed or just after you’ve woken up.

Although not everybody’s cup of tea, if you will excuse the pun, some people have taken the idea of a lightweight stove to its extreme.

Here are two options of ultra-light, ultra-cheap and surprisingly effective alternatives to conventional gas stoves. Yes, they may be a bit primitive, but for the man (or woman!) who wants to be different, they could just prove to be what you’ve always wanted. And even if you insist on a gas stove, any one of these two could make a very practical back-up if you should run out of gas or your stove breaks!

The “Tuna Stove”
This solid fuel stove is by far the most elementary and easiest one and can withstand almost any punishment. Simply take an empty tuna can and make some holes around the side. A Swiss Army Knife’s can opener works perfectly. Then use with Esbit or similar fuel tablets – they are available at stores like Cape Union Mart.

Tip: As with any stove, wind will rob your stove of precious heat so try and shelter it from wind if necessary. A military style ‘fire bucket’ is the ideal container to use on such a stove.

The “Soda Can Stove”
The Soda Can Stove is made using two empty cool drink or beer cans, cutting them off at the bottom and making appropriate holes to help the liquid fuel to burn in an even patter. It burns hotter than the Tuna Can stove above, but is slightly more complicated to make, although anyone that can ride a bike will manage it!

For a detailed tutorial video on how to make your own “soda can stove”, go to:

article article
The “Tuna Stove”
The “Soda Can Stove”
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