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Country Trax Qualified Weekend Off-Road Course

Where: Emoyeni - KZN

When: 10 - 11 Mar & 25-26 Aug 2018

Duration: 2 Days. Saturday @ 7:00 sharp - Sunday @ ±15:00.

Includes: Tuition, Saturday and Sunday breakfast, snacks and lunch, drinking water and use of facilities and loads of fun!

Excludes: Fuel, insurance, use of bike, accommodation and anything not stated as included above.

Optional Extra: Arrival on Friday before commencement of course are recommended, but ofcourse optional. The rate is R500 per person for Friday dinner and stayover.

Level of Tuition: This is the intermediate level training course & ideal as a refresher course if you've attended one of our courses before.
Previous attendance of the Introduction to Off-road riding course is a prerequisite. Riders wishing to attend this course WITHOUT attending the Intro course must attend the regular WEEKEND OFF-ROAD COURSE also offered at this venue.

Intended for: Dual purpose/adventure bikes, although this course is valuable for pure off-road/Enduro/Dirt bikes (typically <550cc) as preparation for the Country Trax Dirt Bike Fundamentals Training.

Price: R2,850 per rider
R1,650/pillion rider
R995/non-riding companion

NOTE >> Country Trax KZN needs a minimum of 4 riders to go ahead with a scheduled course . Booked riders will be informed on the Monday prior to
commencement of the training if the course is to be rescheduled.


We look forward to welcoming you to one of our training venues which has been selected to comply with the high standards of County Trax, considered to be the benchmark of off-road motorcycle training in South Africa.

The national academy is headed by Jan ´Staal´ du Toit who started the academy in 2000 and who has since developed a curriculum for courses which is adapted for our South African off-road conditions. Country Trax KZN is managed and operated by very competent team - John Briscoe and Rynardt Crous.

Country Trax offers its training to all off-road riders, irrespective of what brand of bike they ride and aims at making a positive contribution to the development of off-road riding in South Africa.


The extremely competent and qualified instructors of Country Trax will be responsible for the training and they comply with the national high standard of the academy. They guarantee that you will double your skills and halve your fears in one day. Surely something to look forward to!

After meeting everyone over a nice cuppa (or breakfast if you have arranged it), the course kicks off with some necessary theory, thereafter practical tuition and plenty of riding on this beautiful farm with well prepared training facilities to safely teach you different techniques in a safe environment.

Master a new set of skills, build confidence and be comfortable on gravel.
This three-day course is aimed at the seasoned road rider who is new to off-road riding , and/or the off-road/dual sport/adventure rider of some experience, who has not yet had formal training in the specific skill set required for off-road riding. It is a very intensive course, which will not only help you build your confidence to take to off-road riding at any time, but also to help eradicate the bad habits of self taught riding and in general become a safer rider.

If a weekend of thrills, of learning and laughing, whilst building yourself as an off-road rider, is what you expect, you will not be disappointed.

Some key elements covered in the course

  • Theory of motorcycle dynamics in off-road conditions - understanding why and how the motorcycle responds to rider input.
  • Being 100% in control of your motorcycle in all situations
  • Practical exercises in a wide range of terrain conditions, but in a safe and controlled environment.
    and lots of riding during the weekend!

Our training method makes it possible to accommodate riders with various skill levels, so anybody is welcome. We strongly recommend that you have attended our entry level course Introduction to Off-road Riding (offered at Eston) as we continue to build on the basics in this course but it is not essential. We believe that only when your basics are firm, will you be able to really excel and develop into a good rider.


You are welcome to bring non-riding companions with for the weekend. Its the perfect place to relax, bring your mountain bike or go for long walks, game drives or horseriding. Trying your hand at motorcycle photography remains a favourite! Please consult Imbabala´s web site for more info on activies. We have meals together. No children allowed if there´s not full time supervision.


1. Your own motorcycle

  • Any make of dual purpose bikes are permitted.
  • Tyres: for better & easier performance on all terrain and in all conditions, it is essential that you have off-road tyres (´knobblies´) fitted to your bike. Call one of the instructors if you have queries about this.
  • Tyre pressure gauge (optional)
  • Full tank of petrol. Please fill up at the closest garage to Moolmanshoek, depending on where you are arriving from.
  • Any spares and tools (for possible adjustment or two) that you might need like tubes, puncture repair kit, etc.
  • Important: please remove handle bar raisers if fitted to your bike - unless you are taller than 7ft. They interfere with the overall balance of the bike & rider.

2. Full protective gear.
Please ensure you bring adequate protective clothing with you to the course. Riding has its inherent risks and we believe in prevention rather than cure!

  • Helmet (plus goggles if using open visor helmet)
  • Off-road boots. Remember that 90% of off-road injuries are to the feet and the lower legs and can be prevented by wearing proper boots. Good off-road boots are therefore as indispensable as good helmets. And it’s not about brands or fashion statements - it’s about medical bills and pain and arthritis when you’re old. Army boots and hiking boots are NOT off-road boots and will NOT be allowed on the course. Savanna's and Santiago boots are NOT off-road boots and are NOT recommended, therefore.
  • Gloves
  • Protective trousers and jacket or motocross protectors with shirt. The more the better!
  • Neck brace (optional)

3. Other gear

  • Soft cloth/chamois for cleaning visor
  • Cap & sunscreen
  • Camel back is recommended to make sure you do not dehydrate. Optional: rain gear

4. Personal

  • Warm informal wear for the evening. Keep in mind that it might be chilly at night.
  • Insect repellent (summer)
  • Basic first aid kit – plasters, antihistamine for odd gogga bite, etc.
  • Any personal medication that you might need;
  • Cash. For any extras at the lodge.


  1. It is a strict prerequisite that you have attended the Country Trax Introduction to Off-road riding course. This course builds on the basics and
    are intensive training.
  2. A high level of fitness is recommended as training can be both physically and psychologically intensive.
  3. Drink plenty of water before and during the training.
  4. It helps to carry small packets of raisins, jelly babies or energy bars in your pockets - it helps to boost energy if you get tired.
  5. Especially in the colder months, wear layers of clothing which can be peeled off as it usually gets warmer in the day.
  6. Get a good nights ´sleep on Thursday night.
  7. If you drink alcohol, we recommend that you minimize your intake of alcohol before and during the course. It influences your body´s ability to
    balance and focus. This is essential for safety reasons.
  8. In case of rain, consider yourself lucky as you will have the opportunity to play with your bike in wet conditions!

The team is looking forward to welcoming you to Country Trax Off-road Academy! Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


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