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Kwa Nokeng Adventures - The Original Makgadikgadi Pans Adventure
kwa nokeng adventures

Where: Kwa Nokeng Lodge - Martinsdrift, Botswana

Wo. 30th of April - Sun. 4th of May 2014 & Fri. 8th - Tues. 12th of August 2014

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

2 nights' accommodation at Kwa Nokeng Lodge & 2 nights' camping accommodation on the pans
All meals & beverages, water for showers.
Local guides & support
Luggage transport
Level 7 Medical back up

Border post fees of approximately R140.00 per vehicle
Any personal expenses

Price: R9,500 per rider  / pillion (passenger)  / non-riding companion joining in own 4x4 or in back up car.

Pillion riders welcome and a limited number of non riding companions welcome to come along in our back up vehicles. You are also free to join us with your 4x4 car.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure to the famous Makgadikgadi Pans of Botswana, one of the most truly unique places on earth.

This guided tour will take you into the heart of the pans that covers a 12,000 square kilometer area. At Kwa Nokeng we ride adventure bikes ourselves and we'd love to share the incredible thrill to ride your bike in this unspoilt wilderness. An all inclusive motorcycle tour.

The bed of a prehistoric lake and the southernmost part of the Rift Valley, it seems limitless in its proportions and in the grandeur of its silences. Alternating vast salt pans and rolling grasslands with islands of acacia, and periods of deathly nothingness with overabundance of life, the Pans are truly a panorama of life on the African plains. Strange mammals surprise you. Giant boababs humble you. Intense blue skies with trekking clouds are followed by boundless black nights, sprinkled with stars. Experiencing it leaves you small, clean, and grateful.

We take care of the 'what if's' …:

Exploring remote areas such as the Makgadikgadi Pans on your own often poses concerns & serious logistical challenges such as,

  • I don’t have time & local knowledge to plan & do the logistics for a trip to the pans perfectly - all that heavy camping equipment such as tents, food and water on my bike can be a nightmare. (Remember there's NOTHING but those awesome open spaces - no water, shopping malls, garages, hospitals etc)
  • What happens if I break down in the middle of nowhere?
  • Who is going to help me if I injure myself?
  • After a long day’s ride I don’t feel like preparing food and setting up camp myself - I would rather let the experience and the place soak in while I sip on a drink....
  • I'm not a local and I can get lost, even with my GPS.

Taking above into account, we are offering you an all inclusive trip which is extremely good value for money.

The service we provide:

Kwa Nokeng Off Road Adventures will provide you with the following:

  • Your local (see below) tour guide on an adventure bike.
  • Air conditioned back up station wagon with trailer that can accommodate two adventure bikes.
  • Advanced life support (level 7) paramedic with equipped 4x4 ambulance will follow the riders along the route to provide medical assistance where needed.
  • The base camp vehicle will carry your kit to the overnight stop so there's no need to lug around heavy panniers & bags.
  • Kwa Nokeng Adventures will set up camp which comprises tents, chairs, meals & beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic). It excludes your inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and pillow which you provide and will be transported on the back up vehicles.
  • They will pitch your tent & take water along so you can take a shower in the middle of nowhere.
  • Assistance with Botswana Border Post clearance

The Guides:

Throughout your adventure you will be in the care of local Motswanas Clinton & Shumie van Vuuren, who has a first-hand, intimate knowledge of the Pans and have been running this tour for more than 10 years. They will also lead you to some of the extraordinary landmarks for which the Pans are famous and share some of the local knowledge and anecdotes with you. But of course you will do some exploring of your own: of the rich bird life, the interesting small animals, the overwhelming silence or the grandeur of a sunset.

The ride:
Route subject to minor changes

The ride will start from the Kwa Nokeng Lodge at the Martins Drift Border post where we will spend our 1st night. Early the next morning we are off to the Pans via Lethlakane - the entry point into the Makgadigadi Pans.

Terrain covered will comprise two-spoor gravel roads and sandy sections prior to entering the pans. From here we will visit Lekhubu Island where we will have a picnic lunch and make our way through the pans from Ntwetwe South to Ntwetwe North. There are some sandy two-spoor roads between the two pans.

The bivouac team is always ahead, so there’s no need to worry about setting up camp or preparing food. It's like an African safari of a century ago - except for the bikes, of course.

After an adventure filled day we will arrive at our base camp where the Kwa Nokeng staff have set up camp and will be waiting to serve you. The camp is set in the pans surrounded by the beauty of emptiness as far as the eye can see. After watching a memorable sunset over the pans, the evening is spent around the camp fire with good food and good company.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we will head towards the famous Chapman’s & Greens Baobabs. From here we will travel to Gweta to refuel. After lunch we will head south down the Western leg of the pans, stopping over at Gabasadi Island for lunch. We will once again sleep under a blanket of stars on Friday.

Saturday morning we will play around the pans a bit before leaving for Kwa Nokeng Lodge where the last night will be spent in Chalets and Luxury tents. We have arranged for the traditional dancers from the Lerala Village to entertain us that evening.

Level of riding skill required: :

We would recommend this ride for an intermediate to an experienced rider
who has completed at least a Weekend off road course.

The Pans itself are easy to ride, but the sections in between are technical and its recommended that you ensure that you are comfortable riding sand.

So, if you have a dual purpose motorcycle of at least 600cc and you are in need of a push of the old reset button, or a deep seated longing for an African adventure, this trip is for you.

Total distance = ±2,000 km in 5 days

Day 1:
13h00 Riders meet at Total Petroport on the N1 north (just north of Pretoria -optional) to arrive late afternoon at Kwa Nokeng Lodge in Botswana, Martins Drift.
17h30 Welcome to Botswana! Cool of in the pool, have a sundowner & relax on the deck overlooking the Limpopo.
±20h00 Dinner & kuier around the fire - getting to know everyone.

Day 2:
08h00 Breakfast
09h00 Depart for Makgadikgadi Pans
12h00 Lunch at Lekhubu Island
16h30 Time expected at overnight camp.
19h30 Dinner around the campfire

Day 3:
08h00 Breakfast at the camp
09h00 Depart for Baines & Chapman’s Baobabs, refueling in Gweta.
13h30 Lunch at Gabasadi Island.
16h00 Time expected at overnight camp
19h30 Dinner under the stars

Day 4:
08h00 Breakfast at the camp
09h00 Depart for Kwa Nokeng
13h00 Lunch somewhere close to Serowe
16h00 Arrive at Kwa Nokeng Lodge
19h00 Lerala Traditional dancers
19H45: Dinner on the deck overlooking the Limpopo

Day 5:
09h00 Late breakfast at Kwa Nokeng Lodge
11h00 Depart for South Africa


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